Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I'm Listening to Disney.

Dear Sarah,

Only some of my Snapchats are amusing?? I'm disappointed I thought my fake moustache was a masterpiece and who can resist cute Pierre?? (Everyone else who reads this is going to be very confused!) I'll have to up my game then!!

Doctor Who was AMAZING!! I know Peter Capaldi has only done one episode but he is looking pretty good so far so I reckon I'll quite enjoy his time in the Tardis. I liked all the references to other Doctors and Episodes, especially when he recognised his face (linking the fact that he was in the Fires of Pompeii episode) and that poor dinosaur but hey i'll just have to Let It Go... (get it??)

We seriously need to have a Disney day like really soon otherwise I might go mad!! I've made a Spotify Playlist of some Disney songs and its really making me want to watch the movies! (At the Moment its Once upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty and now i'm rereading it its Bella Notte From Lady and The Tramp) Is it me or is the soundtrack to Tarzan awesome?? That film is on Netflix so we can watch that on our disney day, and I can bring my Disney DVDs!! Only 1 Month till we go back to Uni!!!! Eek. 


Basically I wanted to say I really want to watch Disney again and Doctor Who was awesome!! So as per I will leave you with some funny videos which I think you'll like... enjoy!!!

Aren't they cute!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I Need To Read More Books...

I'm a self confessed book worm. I love reading, always have, always will but recently the amount of books I have read has dwindled and not through lack of books (I have plenty that I haven't read yet) but lack of time. After uni breaks up for the summer holidays I always run out of time to read after spending the day at work or just spending time with friends. It doesn't help either that sometimes when I have the time to and want to read a book on my Kindle I go to turn it on to find it has ran out of battery (mainly because I forget to charge it up!!)

However, come the end of September I should have more time to read books. I will make it another of my mid year resolutions (like the one to wear more clothes... Click Me!!) and theoretically it shouldn't be hard to keep since I will travelling to uni on the buses again which will give me more time to read (as long as I don't get travel sick!!)

So hopefully this time next year I will have cleared most of my back log of unread books ready to buy some more!
I have a very varied taste! Can't beat a good ol' Agatha Christie though!

I am also one of those people who likes to read the book before watching the film so hopefully I will have finished reading The Fault In Our Stars before the film comes out of DVD so I can judge whether it will make me cry or not!!

Anyway thats enough from me at the moment!! Will do another post in the week with my reply to the latest Dear Helen Check it out!! and maybe another one with my favourite books what do you reckon??


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where My Room Smells Nice :D

Howdy Stranger!! 

I loved meeting up with you on Monday. Because of the Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar which I brought from Lush my room smells really nice especially if i've left my bedroom room door closed and open it when I come home from work with all the cute little babies, its lush!! ;). Still haven't used them though. Will probably use them on Friday as an end of the week treat, Light a candle and have a Buble Bath :D

I decided that since I have done a Places To Want to Go To Before I'm 25 post that you should do it but since your 2 years older than me it can be before your 27. How about that?? 

I also reckon we should go to Milton Keynes just after we are back at Uni. Maybe on a weekday though instead of the Weekend and this time I will remember to charge my Phone up unlike the first time we went. And maybe we should actually look at the shops in the bit where we haven't been yet..... There's a Lush there!!!! YIPPEE!! 

I know your now on your 2nd holiday of the week so you probably won't get to reply for a while so until next time I will continue to Snapchat wierd photos to you and sent random texts and try to annoy Tom for you.

Till next time... enjoy the videos... (this has become like a tradition now hasn't it.. I like it!!)

Love a bit of Michael Buble and Jack Whitehall!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Place to go before I'm 25* (*but will probably never go to)

I knew I wanted to blog today but I had no idea what to blog about so I called on the trusty wisdom of Sarah (click here for her blog!) and she did the wise shout of Places I want to go to before I'm 25. So here it is, Enjoy :)

The Pyramids at Giza, Egypt and the Cairo Museum. Since I was a child I have been fasinated by the Ancient Egyptians and I've always wanted to see the Pyramids and Tutankhamen so when my Grandad went on a cruise to Egypt and got to see both of them I was incredibly jealous (for about 1 minute) 
  • Stonehenge. Well the Pandorica is buried there... Doctor Who is real right???
  • London, to see Les Mis and Jersey Boys and do the touristy things.
  • Venice. There is something Romantic and Magical about going to Venice.
  • Paris... at night, same reason as above.
  • Poole General Hospital in 1958 so I can meet my Dads parents when they were nurses. 
  • Top of the Empire State Building. Bet that is a pretty view. :D
  • Mount Everest. Bet that View is nice as well.
  • The middle of a field in the 19th Century at night.. What no light pollution.... with a telescope
  • Loch Ness
  • Stoke Bruerne in the 1960s so I can see my Mum's parents when they were younger (and meet my Grandad) 
  • New York (as long as Weeping Angels aren't there...)
  • Pompeii and Herculaneum. That as always fancinated me too. 
  • Go on Safari in Africa :D 

There are plenty more places that I want to go to but just can't think of at the moment.  And yes I know some are impossible until Time Travel is possible but a girl can dream right?? 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Diary: 10 August 2010/2011

I've decided to share with you two entries from my diary from this day 3 and 4 years ago, they aren't really that interesting I just thought I would post them so enjoy!!

Tuesday 10 August 2010 (Some names have been replaced with Blah because I doubt they would want to be mentioned, I wasn't going to post this one but then decided to. This was just after Year 11 so Me and Caitlin ( and Blah) had just left school)

I met Caitlin at Weston Favell today. It was AWESOME!! Although I did spend in excess of £20! But hey.. I did have a Subway Meal Deal and a drink at Costa Coffee. Oh it was retail  therapy time. I brought a jacket/fleece/coat that is awesome and a headband which has a blue flower on it, and some metallic purple nail polish. 

Oh and Caitlin and Blah have fallen out. And I don't blame Caitlin. Blah was horrible towards the end. I mean they ditched me, Caitlin for Blah and Blah without considering us and just ignored us after. So in the end she wasn't a good friend. The earlier you cut back dead  stems the more buds will develop. (there are plenty more corny lines in my diaries unfortunely!)

Wednesday 10 August 2011 (Just to give some back story, Grandad had been in hospital for roughly over a Month after falling over at our house and hadn't yet been diagnosed with Dementia)

Grandad popped over earlier (he was causing a nuisance on the ward) for a while so Dad brought him to ours to unwind and it was like I had my Grandad back again, he was singing and dancing into the hospital and he was joking around and stuff but by 4 o'clock he was causing a nuisance again. Next time the Hospital call home i'll see if I can talk to him over the phone to calm him down and maybe throw in some bribery.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Caitlin and stupidly said that I'll pay for her drink I might change our meeting to BB's instead of Costa! :) I'm meeting her after I finish work so :) Work with probably drag.... 

So there you go a glimpse into 15 and 16 Year Old Me's Life, To be fair I'm not that interesting!! So until I can think of a proper blog post to write-- Taddy Bye!! And you never know I might do another post like this again!

P.s. Me and Caitlin ending up rearrangeing our coffee meeting for another day :D

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I Am Jealous!

Now I feel left out, You and Tom are both going on 2 Holidays :( Although it does mean that while your both spending money I'll be saving it!! Haha. I'll class mine and Tom's trip to Leciester to see you (when we eventually do it.. Will probs be beginning/ middle of September maybe?)  as my second holiday!

Congrats on the new cousin by the way. Did you manage to finish the Blanket in time? Babies are so cute, apart from when they are grumpy and crying which makes up about 50% of the time that they're not sleeping!! You wouldn't believe that I  exactly like my job would you??

I've discovered I can get 10% discount at Hobbycraft so I might have to make a shopping trip to Sixfields and have a gander :D Might try and make myself a nice Top or something nice like that. Depends how expensive the material will be. Don't want to spend all my months wages in a the space of week when it has to last me a month!

I think I've told you i've rebooked my Theory Test haven't I? I have that in 10 days. Then 10 days after that its my birthday so in 20 days I'll be 20! How cool is that! 

Whats left to say?? Have fun on your holiday and hopefully I'll see you soon!! 

P.S. I found some films we have to see when they come out!! I've linked the trailer below so enjoy!! ( plus the random funny one for my own amusement!) 

The Riot Club:


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mid-Year Resolutions

Over the years I have gradually become more and more into buying nice clothes and make up. But the trouble with me is i'm a creature of habit. I'm more than happy to just stay in comfy Jeans and t-shirts and not wear make up. So I'm going to make some changes of my own. I'm going to wear the dresses and the tops which I hardly ever wear more often. Not just over the summer but also over the winter. I have jumpers I hardly wear which would be perfect... Especially my jumper with a Snowman on it (as I said in a seminar when the lecturer pointed it out.. its awesome! Then instantly had a Hagrid moment..)

I'm going to wear the bright red lipstick that takes ages to come off, and the eyeliner that I will end up smudging an hour after putting it on. And because I have put it online for anyone who actually reads my blog to see I have to keep to it.

 So this is is a bit like a middle of year resolution- to wear more clothes.

So till next time....