Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I Say What Pops Into My Head.

Hello!! I'm back again.

I've seen How To Train Your Dragon 2!! Me and Tom went to Cinema on Saturday to see it. If you haven't seen it yet you should its really good. I think you'll like it. Toothless it really cute. I like Toothless!!

I can't believe we have to start looking at other universities now for our PGCE's seems strange. Doesn't seem like we are going to be Third Years!! EEK!!!

I was watching clips from Doctor Who earlier and saw the Adipose and remembered how cute they are!!! I want one!!! I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy!!

They are just so cute!!!

I reckon we should bake a massive chocolate cake!! That would be awesome. It could be your Birthday Cake for the awesome Christmas themed birthday party you and Tom are having at your student house including sprayable snow!! AND A SNOWMAN. That would be awesome

I want to go shopping tomorrow and spend my wages on make up i'll probably never wear. Although I have been wearing more makeup recently. And I have a quiff now, quiff's are cool. :) Mainly because its too hot have my fringe down and its a bit long.

I'm a Fish called BOB!!!!

Running out of random things to post now..... BATMAN!!!

Anyway.. I'll leave you with a silly clip now... I look forward to your next post. Mine should be up in a few days if I get around to finishing it. :D

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Things I Would Tell My 10 Year Old Self

Life would be so much better if we could talk to our younger selves wouldn't it. It would save all the embarrassment and the friendships which you would have been better without. But unless The Doctor decides to lend me his Tardis for a day then that isn't going to happen. However this is what I would tell my 10 Year Old Self :

  • Make the most of the time you have with your Grandparents and tell them everyday you see them that you love them. And give them big squishy hugs!!
  • In a 4-5 years when you go to your boyfriend's sister's party (Yes... You get boyfriends!!) and your in the bathroom and two people in your year at school come in and start talking to each other about you- Walk out of the cubicle and look at their faces when they realise you overheard EVERYTHING!!!! (that is one of the things I regret not doing!)
  • Take the second year of Uni more seriously! (yes, you go to uni!!)
  • You want to be a Secondary School History teacher, not a Journalist, a Policewoman or a Primary School Teacher.. (it just makes every thing a whole lot simpler!)
  • Don't worry if you lose friends when you go into Secondary School, you make more friends who are more awesome (You start saying awesome alot!)
  • Its alright if you get upset and scared by the Ghost Tower at Warwick Castle and start crying... honest! (Yeah that's going to happen before Secondary School, What? It's dark and there is creepy noises)
  • You do eventually get a bigger room, YAY!!
  • You know that programme you've watched about Stephen Hawking ... You really like the bloke that plays him! (BENEDICT!!)
  • You know you've always wanted to abseil down the lift tower... Yeah you do that!
  • Don't think about the What If's, just enjoy each day and make the most of your life. 
  • Sometimes your own little world is better than the real one.

There probably is a whole lot more that I would say to my 10 Year Old Self but i'll save that for another day. 

Ta'Rah Chucks!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I Reply.

So. I know you did this on your blog but i'll just explain to my peeps about what we're doing. Basically, we're writing letters to each other but instead of posting them through a letter box, we're posting them on here instead. I will post mine on here and Sarah will post her letters on her blog, Click on this link for the first post which Sarah has done starting it off> CLICK ME!!! Hopefully we'll each post one once a week till we go back to uni for Autumn term of our third year! 

Sarah!! we finally managed to get round to doing this!!! High Five for us!! I haven't been working 5 days weeks yet but only because it was still term time but no doubt next week i'll have longer hours and more days... which means more money so maybe i'll have enough for another holiday! I reckon we should go on holidays as much as can before we get proper jobs and become teachers and have to pay more to go abroad!! Although with the weather we've been having since we got back we could just pitch a tent in a garden its been that hot. 

We definitely have to watch The Imitation Game film... who can't resist Benedict with those contact lenses!! And cook more when we're studying and doing our uni work or our Crime assignments. So we'd be eating ALOT of cookies and cake!! We should try and make a fudge brownie cake... or actually get round to making the Tom and Jerry ones if it hasn't gone out of date before we go back! Eek. Doesn't seem real that we're now third years. Even though technically we have less work to do its more? (do you get what I mean?) It counts more so I guess no more late night finishes or starting it the week before. Although because I don't have any Ed Studies lectures I shouldn't have loads of assignments due the same week!! That was horrendous!! 

By the way, you still need to show us a picture of your Smurf hair. I showed you a picture of my dip-dyed coppery blonde hair.. its only fair!! hehe. Just think. Not long till we get to annoy Tom together and gang up on him!! We need to visit you as well. I need to meet Ellie!! :) So much to do!! I started my dissertation, and by started I mean I opened a Word document wrote its working title and my name but small steps!! hehe

I think i'm addicted to shopping as well-- we can drag Tom and David on more shopping trips!! Yay!! But now we don't have the holiday I don't have a reason to buy new clothes :( never mind. At least I should save some money!! 

Thats enough rambling from me for now. Can't wait to see your next post :) My next non Dear Sarah post should be up at the weekend so watch out for that!! 

To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

School Days

I'm not ashamed to admit it, I enjoyed my time at secondary school. Some parts of school I didn't enjoy, the occasional bullying, falling out with friends (which happened quite alot) But those experiences made me who I am today. I was one of the kids that used to get work done and pay attention in class. But I also used to have fun. I used to plug headphones into my phone and listen to music in class (one of the benefits of shoulder length hair and blazers...) but it used to help me concentrate and I used to get the work done although I am 99.9% sure my Citzenship teacher knew I listened to music in her class and my Maths teacher definitely knew (I asked his permission!!)

My GCSE choices made sense to me when I picked them in Year 8 (around the time I wanted to be a Journalist) but fast forward to end of Year 9 when I changed my mind to be a Primary School Teacher, Business Studies and Media Studies seemed like the wrong decision (Fast Forward 6 Years and it changed again!!)

I was never one of the 'popular kids' at secondary school. I was quite happy to do my own thing e.g. spend pretty much most of my time in the library helping out but that doesn't mean I was friendless. I had amazing friends, and am still in contact with some of them. Yeah we sometimes had disagreements but it all worked out in the end. Although there was one time where I had to try and juggle spending time with two friends who didn't get on and spending time with my boyfriend at the time which clever solution I came up with was to spend two lunches with each friend and one lunch with my boyfriend...  and unsurprisingly we broke up a short while later (we were 15 and good riddance frankly!!!)

I never went to my Year 11 Prom because that week I went on holiday with my family but to be honest, I don't care that I missed out. For a start my parents saved money as they didn't have to buy a dress and apparently it wasn't all that good anyway!! I also never brought the school photos. Only kept the slip that has the little samples on. After all, after year 7 they never put a watermark on them and the only nice ones are Year 7, 8 and 11. Over Year 9 and 10 I had braces and no fringe (trust me.. I look better with a fringe!!)  so those photos are horrible!!

Honestly... I don't think I would want to change any part of Secondary School. Sure some bits sucked but the good outweighs the bad and it sounds corny but its true, I am who I am because of my experiences in that bright blue blazer (which I still have and still fits, I had the same blazer from year 7 to year 11 which means it must have been quite big in year 7!)

Kirk out!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Doctor Who...???

In honour of the Series 8 of Doctor Who coming back on screen on the 23rd August (two days before my birthday!!) I will share with you my favourite episodes from the recent series' (Christopher Eccleston to Matt Smith) and some of my favourite quotes. 

  • Vincent and the Doctor. One of the reasons I probably like this episode is because its written by Richard Curtis but its just so beautiful. "The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant."
  • The Crimson Horror. There's just something about Matt Smith's Yorkshire accent..
  • Planet of the Dead. Malcolm.. that is all!
  • The Lodger and Closing Time. JAMES CORDEN!! "Annihilate? No! No violence, do you understand me? Not while I'm around, not today, not ever. I'm the Doctor. The Oncoming Storm. And you basically meant beat them in a football match, didn't you?"
  • End of Time Part 1&2. Worst. Rescue. Ever! Plus I love how it shows what the companions are doing after their travels with the Doctor.
  • The Fires of Pompeii. This episode is not only set in my favourite historical era but also features a future doctor and companion, how awesome it that!!
  • Daleks in Manhattan. SPIDERMAN!!!
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp. Its Agatha Christie!! Plus it has lots of references to titles of Agatha Christie's books. "No, but isn't that a bit weird? Agatha Christie didn't walk around surrounded by murders, not really. I  mean that's like meeting Charles Dickens, and he's surrounded by ghosts, at Christmas"
  • Time Crash. Ok its a Children in Need Special but its pretty funny. "Hey, I'm the Doctor! I can save the universe with a kettle and some string and look at me! I'm wearing a vegetable!" 
  • The Doctor's Daughter. Just because Georgia Moffett is Peter Davison's daughter and David Tennant's wife!!
  • Day of the Doctor. There is just so many good moments!!
Plus many more but that enough for now!! Remember...... Bow Ties are cool!!

Would You Like a Jelly Baby??

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Crete 2014!!!

I'VE BEEN ON HOLIDAY!!! Whoop whoop!! My first holiday in 4 years and it was amazing (minus the disastrous trip to the airport to come home but more on that later!) Most of the time Me, Sarah and Tom chilled out by the swimming pool and went in the pool every now and again to cool down. Although on the first day me and Tom both managed to get sun burned (I managed to just burn my legs and chest although my tankini left me with lovely tan lines..) Although in our 7 days there we did manage to do some touristy things, we visited the ancient palace at Knossos where the stories about the Minotaur originated from (we got in for free because we're students) and we also spend a few hours at a local beach where we brought some snorkels and went snorkelling. And despite the fact that I was deliberately looking for some fish it didn't stop me screaming when I saw some. By the way its really hard to scream when your wearing a snorkel!!
Tom and Sarah got photobombed at Knossos!!
The lovely Olympic Sized Swimming pool!!
On there plane there and back I sat next to the window and saw some amazing views especially on the way to Crete since the plane left Birmingham Airport at 17.45 I got to see some snow capped mountains (might be the Alps but its hard to tell when you can't see which country your flying over!!) The flight back was lot more stressful due mainly to the fact that we were all-inclusive at the hotel which meant that most drinks were included. We also had a late flight so we spent the whole day doing what we normally did and chill by the swimming pool... near the snack bar where they was free lager on tap which Tom made the most out of. But later on while waiting in the reception he made the brilliant decision of drinking a rum and coke (The bar staff didn't measure out the alcohol so a glass of rum and coke contained half a glass of rum)
So by the time the coach came to take us to the airport Tom was drunk so much so that he kept falling over and couldn't hold his balance.. which meant it didn't take a genius to work out when we waiting to check in our luggage that he was drunk so Me and Sarah were told by the ground staff at the airport that we had to sober Tom up enough so that he was allowed to fly. We were also told by one member of staff that we had to decide what to do if Tom wasn't allowed on the plane... Me and Sarah both said they we would be flying back to England while Tom would be left in the airport (We weren't being evil, it would have been his own fault for getting so drunk he wasn't allowed to fly) Luckily though he did sober up enough to fly but kept saying 'I told you I would be alright' and didn't understand how close he got to not being allowed on the plane and stranded in Crete.
Ooh I do like to be beside the sea!
So what I learnt on this trip is.. never let Tom mix drinks on the day you fly back, make sure you put sun cream on your forehead otherwise you will get sunburned there, and if I am sat near a window on a plane I will sit there until it gets dark.... and still after that I will be tranfixed by that window... its one way to keep me quiet!!

So until next time... Cheerio!