Saturday, 26 July 2014

Things I Would Tell My 10 Year Old Self

Life would be so much better if we could talk to our younger selves wouldn't it. It would save all the embarrassment and the friendships which you would have been better without. But unless The Doctor decides to lend me his Tardis for a day then that isn't going to happen. However this is what I would tell my 10 Year Old Self :

  • Make the most of the time you have with your Grandparents and tell them everyday you see them that you love them. And give them big squishy hugs!!
  • In a 4-5 years when you go to your boyfriend's sister's party (Yes... You get boyfriends!!) and your in the bathroom and two people in your year at school come in and start talking to each other about you- Walk out of the cubicle and look at their faces when they realise you overheard EVERYTHING!!!! (that is one of the things I regret not doing!)
  • Take the second year of Uni more seriously! (yes, you go to uni!!)
  • You want to be a Secondary School History teacher, not a Journalist, a Policewoman or a Primary School Teacher.. (it just makes every thing a whole lot simpler!)
  • Don't worry if you lose friends when you go into Secondary School, you make more friends who are more awesome (You start saying awesome alot!)
  • Its alright if you get upset and scared by the Ghost Tower at Warwick Castle and start crying... honest! (Yeah that's going to happen before Secondary School, What? It's dark and there is creepy noises)
  • You do eventually get a bigger room, YAY!!
  • You know that programme you've watched about Stephen Hawking ... You really like the bloke that plays him! (BENEDICT!!)
  • You know you've always wanted to abseil down the lift tower... Yeah you do that!
  • Don't think about the What If's, just enjoy each day and make the most of your life. 
  • Sometimes your own little world is better than the real one.

There probably is a whole lot more that I would say to my 10 Year Old Self but i'll save that for another day. 

Ta'Rah Chucks!!

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