Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where My Room Smells Nice :D

Howdy Stranger!! 

I loved meeting up with you on Monday. Because of the Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar which I brought from Lush my room smells really nice especially if i've left my bedroom room door closed and open it when I come home from work with all the cute little babies, its lush!! ;). Still haven't used them though. Will probably use them on Friday as an end of the week treat, Light a candle and have a Buble Bath :D

I decided that since I have done a Places To Want to Go To Before I'm 25 post that you should do it but since your 2 years older than me it can be before your 27. How about that?? 

I also reckon we should go to Milton Keynes just after we are back at Uni. Maybe on a weekday though instead of the Weekend and this time I will remember to charge my Phone up unlike the first time we went. And maybe we should actually look at the shops in the bit where we haven't been yet..... There's a Lush there!!!! YIPPEE!! 

I know your now on your 2nd holiday of the week so you probably won't get to reply for a while so until next time I will continue to Snapchat wierd photos to you and sent random texts and try to annoy Tom for you.

Till next time... enjoy the videos... (this has become like a tradition now hasn't it.. I like it!!)

Love a bit of Michael Buble and Jack Whitehall!

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