Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I'm Listening to Disney.

Dear Sarah,

Only some of my Snapchats are amusing?? I'm disappointed I thought my fake moustache was a masterpiece and who can resist cute Pierre?? (Everyone else who reads this is going to be very confused!) I'll have to up my game then!!

Doctor Who was AMAZING!! I know Peter Capaldi has only done one episode but he is looking pretty good so far so I reckon I'll quite enjoy his time in the Tardis. I liked all the references to other Doctors and Episodes, especially when he recognised his face (linking the fact that he was in the Fires of Pompeii episode) and that poor dinosaur but hey i'll just have to Let It Go... (get it??)

We seriously need to have a Disney day like really soon otherwise I might go mad!! I've made a Spotify Playlist of some Disney songs and its really making me want to watch the movies! (At the Moment its Once upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty and now i'm rereading it its Bella Notte From Lady and The Tramp) Is it me or is the soundtrack to Tarzan awesome?? That film is on Netflix so we can watch that on our disney day, and I can bring my Disney DVDs!! Only 1 Month till we go back to Uni!!!! Eek. 


Basically I wanted to say I really want to watch Disney again and Doctor Who was awesome!! So as per I will leave you with some funny videos which I think you'll like... enjoy!!!

Aren't they cute!!

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