Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mid-Year Resolutions

Over the years I have gradually become more and more into buying nice clothes and make up. But the trouble with me is i'm a creature of habit. I'm more than happy to just stay in comfy Jeans and t-shirts and not wear make up. So I'm going to make some changes of my own. I'm going to wear the dresses and the tops which I hardly ever wear more often. Not just over the summer but also over the winter. I have jumpers I hardly wear which would be perfect... Especially my jumper with a Snowman on it (as I said in a seminar when the lecturer pointed it out.. its awesome! Then instantly had a Hagrid moment..)

I'm going to wear the bright red lipstick that takes ages to come off, and the eyeliner that I will end up smudging an hour after putting it on. And because I have put it online for anyone who actually reads my blog to see I have to keep to it.

 So this is is a bit like a middle of year resolution- to wear more clothes.

So till next time....

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