Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Diary: 10 August 2010/2011

I've decided to share with you two entries from my diary from this day 3 and 4 years ago, they aren't really that interesting I just thought I would post them so enjoy!!

Tuesday 10 August 2010 (Some names have been replaced with Blah because I doubt they would want to be mentioned, I wasn't going to post this one but then decided to. This was just after Year 11 so Me and Caitlin ( and Blah) had just left school)

I met Caitlin at Weston Favell today. It was AWESOME!! Although I did spend in excess of £20! But hey.. I did have a Subway Meal Deal and a drink at Costa Coffee. Oh it was retail  therapy time. I brought a jacket/fleece/coat that is awesome and a headband which has a blue flower on it, and some metallic purple nail polish. 

Oh and Caitlin and Blah have fallen out. And I don't blame Caitlin. Blah was horrible towards the end. I mean they ditched me, Caitlin for Blah and Blah without considering us and just ignored us after. So in the end she wasn't a good friend. The earlier you cut back dead  stems the more buds will develop. (there are plenty more corny lines in my diaries unfortunely!)

Wednesday 10 August 2011 (Just to give some back story, Grandad had been in hospital for roughly over a Month after falling over at our house and hadn't yet been diagnosed with Dementia)

Grandad popped over earlier (he was causing a nuisance on the ward) for a while so Dad brought him to ours to unwind and it was like I had my Grandad back again, he was singing and dancing into the hospital and he was joking around and stuff but by 4 o'clock he was causing a nuisance again. Next time the Hospital call home i'll see if I can talk to him over the phone to calm him down and maybe throw in some bribery.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Caitlin and stupidly said that I'll pay for her drink I might change our meeting to BB's instead of Costa! :) I'm meeting her after I finish work so :) Work with probably drag.... 

So there you go a glimpse into 15 and 16 Year Old Me's Life, To be fair I'm not that interesting!! So until I can think of a proper blog post to write-- Taddy Bye!! And you never know I might do another post like this again!

P.s. Me and Caitlin ending up rearrangeing our coffee meeting for another day :D

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