Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I Am Jealous!

Now I feel left out, You and Tom are both going on 2 Holidays :( Although it does mean that while your both spending money I'll be saving it!! Haha. I'll class mine and Tom's trip to Leciester to see you (when we eventually do it.. Will probs be beginning/ middle of September maybe?)  as my second holiday!

Congrats on the new cousin by the way. Did you manage to finish the Blanket in time? Babies are so cute, apart from when they are grumpy and crying which makes up about 50% of the time that they're not sleeping!! You wouldn't believe that I  exactly like my job would you??

I've discovered I can get 10% discount at Hobbycraft so I might have to make a shopping trip to Sixfields and have a gander :D Might try and make myself a nice Top or something nice like that. Depends how expensive the material will be. Don't want to spend all my months wages in a the space of week when it has to last me a month!

I think I've told you i've rebooked my Theory Test haven't I? I have that in 10 days. Then 10 days after that its my birthday so in 20 days I'll be 20! How cool is that! 

Whats left to say?? Have fun on your holiday and hopefully I'll see you soon!! 

P.S. I found some films we have to see when they come out!! I've linked the trailer below so enjoy!! ( plus the random funny one for my own amusement!) 

The Riot Club:


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