Thursday, 25 September 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where It Ends

This is probably going to be the last Dear Sarah till next summer since on Monday we go back to uni and resume our normal life of not getting work done, watching movies, baking cakes and laughing our heads off!

This summer has been pretty amazing though hasn't it. We went on our first group (well.... trio) holiday and got to soak up some summer sun and relax by a pool for a week!

We went shopping and brought some lush things in Lush and just generally had a great time. Although the one thing we never did this summer was me and Tom go to Leicester and meet your Fam-a-Lam :D

So since this Dear Sarah/Helen escapade has come to an end for now, there will be plenty more adventures for us to both blog about... the Disney revision sessions, trips to Milton Keynes when we finally go to the bit with the Frog Clock (its a thing... i'm not making it up!!), the Christmas themed birthday parties complete with fake snow and snowmen, the Christmas Jumper shopping trip, and of course the days stuck at uni with me hyper on Coffee!

So for now, toodledo. And enjoy the peace of your house before you come back to the student house... because your not likely to get any peace and quiet there!!

And as per the tradition. Here is some videos you might enjoy :D

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