Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dear Sarah, The One When The Summer Holiday Is Nearly Over (AKA, The One With The Long Title!)

As the title suggests our summer holiday is nearly over so we won't have to blog to each other  because we'll see each other instead! What are we going to do??

I can't believe you didn't realise why it was called the Elephant Love Medley... Silly Sarah!!! We need to watch that! I like Ewan! and we can sing-a-long to the Elephant Love Medley and annoy Tom!!

I have finished work for this year now, so you can expect me to text you more and reply quicker to texts now.. and more snapchats because undoubtly I will get bored!!

By the way... I LOVED your Disney post, Disney is just awesome! I am slightly disappointed that Tarzan isn't on your list.... tut tut tut Mummy Sarah you've let me down!!! I will have to show you how awesome it is so it is bumped up into your top ten!

We need to think of some really funny ways of annoying Tom when you get back!! We will make this year EPIC!! oooh and guess what... Bad Education is back on tv soon so more CLASS WARS!!!

Anyway I will leave it there for now. Enjoy the rest of your time at home because soon you'll be coming back to the Mad House!!


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