Monday, 1 June 2015

Dear Sarah: The One With The Best Cup of Coffee*

*So Far

So our three years of university are over :( No more Crime lectures with me and Hannah hyper on Coffee (I feel sorry for Drew for having to cope with us....... IT LOOKS LIKE A FLOWER!!!) It's safe to say that I get very carried away when I have coffee. But I think last time we hung out I forgot to tell you about the best cup of coffee I have had (so far... I'm sure somewhere out there there is another cup of coffee which will beat it but I just haven't drank it yet...)

It was after my first exam and I was on my way to meet up with Tom and I went into Greggs because I had the urge to have a coffee to celebrate. I don't what made it the best cup of Coffee maybe it was the sunshine, or that I was listening to Common People by Pulp, or that I hadn't had a takeaway coffee in a while or that I was just in a really good mood. But whatever it was made that cup of coffee AWESOME!!

And if i remember correctly you have your driving test tomorrow so GOOD LUCK!! and if i've got it wrong and its not tomorrow GOOD LUCK anyway!! :P

Anyway that's enough of my rambling for now so till next time....


P.S. Can't forget the random pictures and videos......

Too true...

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