Thursday, 25 June 2015

The End of An Era....

After 3 years, my time at University is over. The days of starting essays the day before they were due is over (granted I still have essays to do for teacher training but they definately won't be started late!!) And more importantly NO MORE EXAMS!!

When i'm old and grey, i'm sure I will look back on my years at uni and get the warm fuzzy feeling you get sometimes.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't stressful, and at times it even made me breakdown in tears (That was all to do with the Education Studies side and the Psychology module I took in second year!!)  But I know that when I stand on that stage on the 16th July in silly hat and funny gown, trying not to fall over, that all the struggle, stress, tears and student debt will be worth it and that I will be one step closer to becoming a teacher.

Although, with hind sight there is maybe one thing I would change. Take my dissertation for example.... towards the end (well... middle since I still had 6000 words to write in the month before it was due.) I hated writing it for one simple reason. It was a joint dissertation between History and Education Studies. And I had to make sure it fitted both subjects. And my dissertation would have been alot better if it was just a pure history dissertation. I probably would have enjoyed writing it and researching it a whole lot more if it was something I was 100% passionate and interested in. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed writing it and was interested in it but not as much as I though I would when I started writing it.

And I know that the Doctor isn't going to knock on my door and say 'Hey, i've got a TARDIS that is bigger on the inside, do you want to redo your second year of uni', but if I'm totally honest, I wouldn't redo any it because that has made me who I am today. And we all make mistakes but it's if you learn from them that makes the difference and I have certainly learned from my many mistakes!

Plus, why change my time at uni when I have met some amazing people and created friendships which (hopefully) will last for years, and then when we're old and grey we will laugh about the times I left the essays to last minute and still somehow managed to get a 2:2 and get onto teacher training!

I just feel sorry for all my lecturers who had the misfortune to teach me when most of the time I was hyper on coffee which meant they had to deal with silly answers, silly questions and laughing (mainly when I was in lectures with Sarah though.... RAF pilot scenerio springs to mind ah Sarah!!)

I have run out of things to say about uni now so I will leave you with this important piece of information... I'VE PASSED UNI!!!

I can't resist a Disney Quote....

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