Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dear Sarah, The One with Nothing to Do


Now we don't have uni anymore and I'm not needed at work at the moment... I have nothing to do!! So i've been binge watching Doctor Who and specfically Harry Potter. But in typical Helen-style I watched them in this order: 5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4- and then was seriously tempted to watch 5,6,7,8 again because I stopped at 4 (luckily I told myself NO!!!)

We need to go to Milton Keynes soon and see the Frog Clock and go into Lush. Because no doubt hilarity will ensue (especially if Tom comes along!!) because as you know.. I can say some very silly things and get abit carried away!! But if we do go, we should go on the bus (even though you and Tom both have cars!!) because lets face it... buses are more fun!!!

Is it just me or do the Mcfly/Busted back catalogue sound different after you have seen them live?? (Your more experienced in Mcfly/Busted gigs than me!!) Year 3000 sounds different now I've seen it live. Awesome but different. (Can't wait till the DVD is released! I've just pre-ordered it and we can relive the awesomeness!!)

In other random news... I have a turtle and his name is Squirtle :D

Anyway. I can't think of any other things to write about... other than JUST OVER A MONTH UNTIL WE GRADUATE!!!

So until next time,
Ta Rah!!

Look how young they look!! ---^

Meet Squirtle the Turtle!!

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