Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dear Sarah, The One Where I Reply.

So. I know you did this on your blog but i'll just explain to my peeps about what we're doing. Basically, we're writing letters to each other but instead of posting them through a letter box, we're posting them on here instead. I will post mine on here and Sarah will post her letters on her blog, Click on this link for the first post which Sarah has done starting it off> CLICK ME!!! Hopefully we'll each post one once a week till we go back to uni for Autumn term of our third year! 

Sarah!! we finally managed to get round to doing this!!! High Five for us!! I haven't been working 5 days weeks yet but only because it was still term time but no doubt next week i'll have longer hours and more days... which means more money so maybe i'll have enough for another holiday! I reckon we should go on holidays as much as can before we get proper jobs and become teachers and have to pay more to go abroad!! Although with the weather we've been having since we got back we could just pitch a tent in a garden its been that hot. 

We definitely have to watch The Imitation Game film... who can't resist Benedict with those contact lenses!! And cook more when we're studying and doing our uni work or our Crime assignments. So we'd be eating ALOT of cookies and cake!! We should try and make a fudge brownie cake... or actually get round to making the Tom and Jerry ones if it hasn't gone out of date before we go back! Eek. Doesn't seem real that we're now third years. Even though technically we have less work to do its more? (do you get what I mean?) It counts more so I guess no more late night finishes or starting it the week before. Although because I don't have any Ed Studies lectures I shouldn't have loads of assignments due the same week!! That was horrendous!! 

By the way, you still need to show us a picture of your Smurf hair. I showed you a picture of my dip-dyed coppery blonde hair.. its only fair!! hehe. Just think. Not long till we get to annoy Tom together and gang up on him!! We need to visit you as well. I need to meet Ellie!! :) So much to do!! I started my dissertation, and by started I mean I opened a Word document wrote its working title and my name but small steps!! hehe

I think i'm addicted to shopping as well-- we can drag Tom and David on more shopping trips!! Yay!! But now we don't have the holiday I don't have a reason to buy new clothes :( never mind. At least I should save some money!! 

Thats enough rambling from me for now. Can't wait to see your next post :) My next non Dear Sarah post should be up at the weekend so watch out for that!! 

To Infinity and Beyond!!!

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