Saturday, 5 July 2014

Crete 2014!!!

I'VE BEEN ON HOLIDAY!!! Whoop whoop!! My first holiday in 4 years and it was amazing (minus the disastrous trip to the airport to come home but more on that later!) Most of the time Me, Sarah and Tom chilled out by the swimming pool and went in the pool every now and again to cool down. Although on the first day me and Tom both managed to get sun burned (I managed to just burn my legs and chest although my tankini left me with lovely tan lines..) Although in our 7 days there we did manage to do some touristy things, we visited the ancient palace at Knossos where the stories about the Minotaur originated from (we got in for free because we're students) and we also spend a few hours at a local beach where we brought some snorkels and went snorkelling. And despite the fact that I was deliberately looking for some fish it didn't stop me screaming when I saw some. By the way its really hard to scream when your wearing a snorkel!!
Tom and Sarah got photobombed at Knossos!!
The lovely Olympic Sized Swimming pool!!
On there plane there and back I sat next to the window and saw some amazing views especially on the way to Crete since the plane left Birmingham Airport at 17.45 I got to see some snow capped mountains (might be the Alps but its hard to tell when you can't see which country your flying over!!) The flight back was lot more stressful due mainly to the fact that we were all-inclusive at the hotel which meant that most drinks were included. We also had a late flight so we spent the whole day doing what we normally did and chill by the swimming pool... near the snack bar where they was free lager on tap which Tom made the most out of. But later on while waiting in the reception he made the brilliant decision of drinking a rum and coke (The bar staff didn't measure out the alcohol so a glass of rum and coke contained half a glass of rum)
So by the time the coach came to take us to the airport Tom was drunk so much so that he kept falling over and couldn't hold his balance.. which meant it didn't take a genius to work out when we waiting to check in our luggage that he was drunk so Me and Sarah were told by the ground staff at the airport that we had to sober Tom up enough so that he was allowed to fly. We were also told by one member of staff that we had to decide what to do if Tom wasn't allowed on the plane... Me and Sarah both said they we would be flying back to England while Tom would be left in the airport (We weren't being evil, it would have been his own fault for getting so drunk he wasn't allowed to fly) Luckily though he did sober up enough to fly but kept saying 'I told you I would be alright' and didn't understand how close he got to not being allowed on the plane and stranded in Crete.
Ooh I do like to be beside the sea!
So what I learnt on this trip is.. never let Tom mix drinks on the day you fly back, make sure you put sun cream on your forehead otherwise you will get sunburned there, and if I am sat near a window on a plane I will sit there until it gets dark.... and still after that I will be tranfixed by that window... its one way to keep me quiet!!

So until next time... Cheerio!

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