Monday, 26 May 2014

We're all going on a summer holiday!!!!

This June for the first time in 12 years I will be going on a foreign holiday!!! The countdown for it began as soon as it was booked but now its getting closer!! I have an imagined vision of what the holiday will  be like, Me, Sarah and Tom will go and sunbathe on the sandy beaches, make the most of the all inclusive drinks and go swimming in one of the many pools in the resort. We have even planned that we will wear our converse style shoes and something superheroey on the flight there. And ironically the holiday is booked in the name of the most forgetful member of our little group (me!!) so no doubt I will end up forgetting to take something with me although as long as I remember the boarding passes, luggage and get on the right plane i'm sure it will end up being fine.

This holiday is a well deserved treat for all three of us, a way to unwind after our second year of university. I do feel slightly sorry for Tom though.. going on holiday with two women but it helps that we're really good friends and Tom is fully aware of the fact that he will get pushed into the pool and made into a sand mermaid!! He'll also have to watch out that he doesn't fall asleep on the plane because I might just be tempted to put make-up on him.... and I'm sure Sarah would be happy to help!!

One thing I was not counting on was the amount of holiday shopping I would be doing. In all fairness, about half of the things I have brought for the holiday I did really need like shorts and dresses as I don't think my normal clothing choice of jeans and a t-shirt would be suitable to wear in the heat of Crete! Although ironically I had already picked out the bikini I wanted to buy before the holiday was even booked and I am never one to turn down a shopping trip or miss the opportunity to spend lots of money!!

All in all I reckon our little holiday should end up as an unrivalled success and hopefully the first of many trips abroad!!

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