Sunday, 18 May 2014


As some people may know... in October 2013 I abseiled down the Northampton Lift Tower (it is called the National Abseil Centre but because I come from Northampton I call it something else entirely!) And on the 24th May 2014 two people I know are going to abseil down it as well  so I thought I would give some tips to help on the day. So Steph and Rachael I hope your reading this!!

  1. Wear Old Clothes. When I did my abseil I wore an old pair of Jeans and I'm glad I did because as you go down the Tower the rope can scrape against the side of your leg and afterwards I was left with a black mark on my Jeans (it did wash out though..) Also make sure you wear shoes which you don't mind scuffing as the soles of your shoes will scrap against the concrete.. especially if you lose your footing.
  2. The Harness Hurts. Because the harness is done up tight so you obviously can't fall out it can sometimes hurt especially on your ribs. Although this does hurt less the further down the Tower you get. And beware... your ribs will hurt for about 2-3 days afterwards (well mine did!!)
  3. Look Down. Don't say to yourself before hand that you won't look down.. you have to do see where your feet are and the height isn't really that bad... everyone does look like Ants to start off with but the Views are amazing!! Would seem a shame to miss out on it.
  4. Buy Some Chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better! Plus its a nice reward for when you reach the bottom.
  5. You May Abseil Later Than Planned. On my Abseil, I was listed to Abseil at 11.30 but I didn't actually abseil till around 1.10. This might not happen on yours but be aware that it might.
  6. Finally....ENJOY IT!!  It's a really good experience and just try to not think about it too much. And if you get to half way and wonder why you decided to do the abseil... remember all the money you've raised for the Charity.......and the chocolate! ;) 
Hope this has helped!! 


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