Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ten Things I've Learnt from Rom-Coms.

I admit it... I love romantic-comedies. They are one of my many weaknesses. They provide a method of escapism and a way to view the world in a different light. They also provide valuable life lessons to (slightly..) normal people like me. In honour of this important fact. I will share with you Ten of the important lessons that I've learnt from some of my favourite Rom-Coms. These include:

  1. Life is short so make the most of it (About Time
  2. Even if life seems rubbish, things will work out in the end (Sliding Doors)
  3. Christmas Jumpers are always amazing (Bridget Jones Diary)
  4. Don't eat a Mushroom Omelette in a Foreign Country... Might not be normal mushrooms (Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason)
  5. Never put make-up on in a dark taxi (Also Bridget Jones:Edge of Reason)
  6. Normal people can fall in love with Movie Stars (Notting Hill) (There's hope for me and Benedict Cumberbatch yet then!!)
  7. Sometimes everything is inter-linked (Love Actually)
  8. You can never swear too much (Four Weddings and a Funeral) (If you've seen the beginning you know what I mean!!)
  9. Running in the rain to a Snow Patrol song is a good thing (I Give It A Year
  10. Finally... Living on a Pirate Radio boat in the sixties was actually pretty awesome!! (The Boat That Rocked)
Ok. I know that they are all mostly Richard Curtis Romantic Comedies but he makes the best ones!! 

Anyway, I hoped you've enjoyed this post. I will post another one soon when I've thought of some more ideas..... so for now...

(Continuing on with the Richard Curtis Theme....)

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